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PlanSponsor Magazine

here's an illustration that i did for the may issue of plansponsor magazine. i think that's the first uncle sam i've ever had to paint.


Me and hannie went to nashville last weekend for my 30th b-day. We had a blast.

Here's a pic of han on a bridge:

Creative Swoon

Michelle Caplan has been kind enough to feature me on her blog, Creative Swoon, this week. Thanks, Michelle!

Juxtapoz Reader Art

Featured in this week's Juxtapoz Reader Art section.


Thanks to Art Renegades for letting me join their club.

3 feet high skate deck show

i painted a skateboard for an ongoing show at Maxwell's in Hoboken, NJ. the show runs thru june 2, 2006. andrea breitman set this show up, and also set up a website where you can view all the boards: 3 feet high

here's what i did:

blog bluh blog blog blog

yeah, so here's a blog from me now. everyone else has one. now i have one. and it's awesome. i'll probably just post 'relevant' or 'art' related stuff on here, so... enjoy?

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